Branding Agency with Collabora-tude

Be That Design is a thoroughly collaborative branding agency that helps you get noticed and remembered in your marketplace by combining your knowledge and experience with our communication expertise.

As a small branding agency, we become part of our clients’ marketing teams by delivering creativity with responsiveness, flexibility, and value. Together, we (YOU + US) make an efficient and effective team focused on building your brand. Together, we connect with your customers’ needs through clear and memorable communication.

Our clients represent a variety of sectors, but focus in these four areas:


Restaurant Branding
Be That Design MN Firefly Kitchen Bar Restaurant Front Desk Signage

Non-Profit Branding
Be That Design Branding Agency Non-Profit Website Design

Education Branding
Be That Design jCenter UMN Higher Education Letterhead Folders Marketing

Law Firm Branding
Be That Design Greene Espel Law Firm Event Signage

Branding Project Examples

Website Design
Be That Design Firefly Kitchen Bar Restaurant Website Design Email Marketing

Business System Materials
Be That Design MN Studio 411 Salon Stationery Business Cards

Annual Reports
Branding Agency Be That Design Annual Report Design

Publication Design
Be That Design UMN THERE Journal Architecture Publication Layout Design

Tradeshow Materials
Be That Design CMKG Category Management Logo Branding Marketing

Product Design
Be That Design Graphic Design MN Client Appreciation Gift Ideas Desk Calendar Completed

Branding Agency with collaboration at the top of our list and on the tip of our tongues.

Are you looking to add a get-it-done set of hands to your marketing team? An extra make-it-look-great set of eyes? Some strategically-focused creative brain power? We’re that kind of branding agency and communication partner — for a specific project or to have at the ready.

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